Road Trip, Third Stop’s the (Southern) Charm: Savannah Sweets

Hey ya’ll! (Yes, that’s right. Please imagine me saying that in the voice of Savannah’s very own Paula Deen.) We’ve just left Savannah, having walked about a million miles, sweat about million gallons, and eaten about a million pounds of sweets. So, that’s what this blog is going to be mostly about: Savannah’s sweets.

We arrived in Savannah in the early evening, just in time to head to River Street – a main street in historic downtown with tons of shops, restaurants, bars, you name it. In the south, it seems that there are two rival sweet shops: Savannah Candy Kitchen, and River Street Sweets. They both claim to be the oldest candy shop around with the best pralines/chocolate covered…. everything. Well, seeing as how these two establishments were both conveniently on River Street, I figured I’d make the decision myself. Atmosphere-wise, the two stores were similar. You could walk into multiple rooms, all filled with cases facing various directions so that customers didn’t have to wait in one huge line. You could also pull over to the side and watch the candy makers work their magic, while creating the products they’d put in those cases a few minutes later. If you were lucky, you could get a sample of what they were making, while they were making it!

savannah candy kitchen sign (edited)

Having sampled the same product from each place for free, I decided that I’d buy different candies from the two stores. From River Street Sweets, I chose the chocolate covered praline. For me, they were the winners in that category…the pralines were smooth, buttery, and had such a nice crunch. Plus, when you dip anything in chocolate, you automatically win. From Savannah Candy Kitchen, I bought a dark chocolate covered s’more and some truffles. The s’more was pretty good, but nothing too overwhelming. The truffles, on the other hand, were flavor packed like crazy. From what I tried, the order of truffles from most amazing to a little less amazing, were: cappuccino, black raspberry, key lime pie, and then peach.

candy (edited)

The next day, we began the morning by heading to Tybee Island. After spending some time lounging on the beach, we went to lunch at Sting Ray’s Seafood. Being near the sea, I went with the shrimp dinner. The seasoning on the shrimp had a nice cajun heat to it, but wasn’t too overwhelming at the same time.

The three biggest wins of the trip came in the evening of our second day, when  visited another few areas of downtown Savannah. First, we came upon a shop called Savannah Rae’s Gourmet Popcorn. Oh my Lord, you guys. They had close to 60 varieties of popcorn! They ranged from cheesy to savory, to candy themed, to fruit themed, to cookie themed, to chocolate covered, to caramel covered… you get the point. Oh, and they allowed (and encouraged) you to try as many flavors as your little heart desired. Which we did. After a long and stressful decision making period, I went with a bag of oatmeal raisin cookie popcorn. It’s a little on the odd side because it’s chewier than most popcorn. But, you know, that’s because of the freaking chunks of cookie in there. No. Big. Deal. Or. Anything.

After a healthy appetizer of popcorn, we went to dinner! In City Market, there’s a cash only joint called Vinnie Van Go Go’s Pizza. They pride themselves on thin, New York Style crust. You could buy a whole pie, or just a slice. I chose to go with a slice that I asked them to put pesto, ham and pineapple on. When it came out, I saw why there was no option on the menu to order a small sized pie. Apparently, it was because a small pie would be redundant, as their slices are the size of a human’s arm. And although my weird brain child of a topping combo might seem odd, it was so tasty.

Last, but certainly not least, was ice cream. Just not any ice cream, but Thai rolled ice cream from a place called Below Zero. Apparently, abroad, this is a huge trend. But, it’s just now starting to pop up around the states. Essentially, cream is poured onto a frozen surface, mixed with toppings and then rolled into little spirals that look like sushi. It’s mesmerizing to watch, and is delicious to eat! I can’t WAIT until these stores start popping up around me. For my first bowl of Thai rolled ice cream, I chose the s’mores flavor!


Okay, okay. I know that I said the best finds of our Savannah adventure were found on our last night there…but, we found a couple more wonderful things the next morning, on the way to Disney. Two more finds, to be exact.

Located in City Market, is a shop called Byrd’s Famous Cookies. They sell small bite sized cookies in over 20 flavors! And not just any old boring flavors either. Fan favorites (and my favorites) include Key Lime and Georgia Peach. Like many of the stores we frequented in Savannah, Byrd’s encouraged shoppers to try every single one of their flavors!

Similar to many of the other customers in the store, I went with Key Lime and Peach!

byrd's cookies (edited)

On our way out of the city, we found our touristy-est attraction yet. Along I-95, about 15 miles before the actual establishment, you’ll start to see (many, many) signs for Georgia Peach World. Yes, that’s an actual place. And yes, it is as cheesy and wonderful as you would imagine.

In the store/shack, you can basically find every product imaginable, that can be made into a peachy flavor. Moonshine, fudge, jelly, baked goods, drinks, etc. Oh, and of course, you could buy fresh peaches there as well. I walked away with some DELICIOUS peach pie, and some fresh peaches to go alongside.

peach world pie (edited)
Holy. Crap.

Well folks, that’s all Savannah wrote. Now, it’s on to DISNEYYYYYY. My teenager-y extra “y”s will show you how freaking excited I am for this. I’m definitely feeling like it’s the night before Christmas. Plenty of pictures to come! Until then, stay tuned, and stay hungry!

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  • Erin!! I so enjoy reading about your “foodie” adventures!! And yes, I am staying hungry! LOL! You make it all look too easy! I may even plan to visit some of these great places you’ve so creatively showcased! Keep sharing because we’re looking forward to your “newest” yummy food finds and recipes!!

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